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My wife and I were referred to MyBetterFico to get qualified to buy a home. My wife and I never thought we would have credit scores in the 800s. We are beyond grateful and have referred 3 family members. God bless you.



As a young business owner, I was looking to improve my scores to get capital, MyBetterFico allowed me to improve my credit score in less than 60 days and helped me to secure the loan I needed to expand my company.

Rosanne, S

Atlanta, GA

I was referred to Jenny from MyBetterFico from a friend who had recently completed their program. My credit was considered fair, and wasn’t too bad but I wanted to purchase a second home for investment. I was impressed by how quickly they got my to the exceptional level. I highly recommend them.

George, K

New York, NY

My home broker referred me to MyBetterFico, thanks to them our dream of buying our home came true. We almost gave up when we were referred to them and in less than 90 days MyBetterFico raised our score and we were immediately able to close our house. Thank you, MyBetterFico for making our dream come true!

Moses, D

Miami, FL

I have known Jenny from MyBetterFico for many years and was apprehensive about asking her to help me, but after I told her I was having trouble getting a loan to open my own business she insisted I give them a try. I got a call from her one evening after 9:00 PM to let me know my credit score was up 160 points and it had been less than 10 days!

Robert, G

Orlando, FL

My car needed repairs but it was going to cost me more than the car was worth and I was upside down already. MyBetterFico helped me to go from a 500 to a 700 score in 2 months and I am now driving my dream car for less than I was paying before.

Eric, E

West Palm Beach, FL

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